Zombs Royale io

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Zombs Royale io

Zombs Royale io GAME INFO

Zombs Royale io unblocked has finally released and boy has it got gamers around the world gripped. Inspired by the hugely popular Battle Royale games such as PUBG and Fortnite you will find yourself dropping into the map with other real players and have the choice of where you want to drop.

Once you drop in your next job is to try and find a weapon as soon as you can as the end goal is to try and stay alive and be the last man or in Zombs case blob standing! You can either try to play strategically and hide from enemies or you can go aggressive and try to take anyone out who you might cross paths with.

The map will become increasingly smaller as you progress as a cloud of gas creeps in to make the playing area smaller the longer you live pushing players to fight with each other eventually. Standing in the gas or getting caught in a fight while the gas is moving you will start taking damage so remember to keep your eye on the map and see where you need to move and rotate to in advance.

There are plenty of different weapons you will find scattered across the map and you have 6 item slots available to you so choose your loadout wisely and try to balance it where you can.

Zombs Royale io unblocked has a huge amount of features now built in which gives you challenges to complete if you sign up for a user account which will then save your progress and allow you to level up unlocking new fun skins and other cosmetics.

We understand schools try to block games such as Zombs so we try our best to get through the filters allowing you to play with friends, as it is not only a solo mode. Duo's and squads are available which generally changes the dynamic of the game as teamwork will be crucial for you to be the last man standing and get the victory royale!

The controls, instructions can be seen below along with a great video of tips on how you can become a better Zombs Royale io unblocked player! If you have any issues with the game please be sure to drop us a message via the contact us form and we will try our best to rectify any problems!

How To Play Zombs Royale io

  • Move
  • Interact / Pickup
    Interact / Pickup
  • Reload Weapon
    Reload Weapon
  • Open Map
    Open Map
  • Spray
  • Emote