Zombocalypse 2

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Zombocalypse 2

Zombocalypse 2 GAME INFO

Zombocalypse 2 is a free online zombie survival game from the awesome creators over at Adult Swim games. You will find yourself testing your skill blasting away the oncoming waves of zombies in an attempt to last as long as you can and pick up the money that zombies drop.

At the end of each round with the money you have managed to pick up you will then be able to head over to the armory in which gun and character upgrades will be your best friend in allowing you to take out more enemies as you progress. There are now over a staggering 20 weapons which you will be able to unlock and upgrade throughout the game meaning the game allows for hours of play keeping you interested.

There are various zones for you to work through, to be able to move onto each next zone you will have a certain amount of zombies you must kill. Zombocalpse 2 will test your skills and reactions, grab your weapons and fight for the survival of the human race!

How To Play Zombocalypse 2

  • Move & Pick Up Weapons
    Move & Pick Up Weapons
  • Shoot Weapon
    Shoot Weapon