Zombie Town Story

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Zombie Town Story

Zombie Town Story GAME INFO

Zombie Town Story is a fun shooting defense game in which you take on the role of a Scientist who was initially part of a group who were trying to create super soldiers that would help protect the world

However, something went terribly wrong along the way and instead of creating these life saving soldiers it seems you created flesh eating Zombies instead and they have started taking over your city!

Your job is to roam the streets and take every single one of them out in an attempt to clean up the mess you and your Scientist friends made in the first place! Kill the oncoming waves of zombies and earn money which you can then spend in the upgrade store buying higher powered weapons.

As you progress through the levels you will come across other city residents who will try to help you out in killing the zombies and as the levels get progressively harder you will need as many friends as you can find!

How To Play Zombie Town Story

  • Move Up
    Move Up
  • Move Down
    Move Down
  • Shoot
  • Pick Up Dropped Items
    Pick Up Dropped Items