Wheely 6 Fairytale

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Wheely 6 Fairytale

Wheely 6 Fairytale GAME INFO

Wheely is back in Wheely 6 which as the name suggests is the sixth installment of this fun and addictive game series this time set in a fairytale dream. You must try and work out all the levels which can get Wheely from one side of the level to the other.

Each level has a string of things that you will need to try and figure out before you can set Wheely off to his destination which you find by clicking on objects scattered around the level to figure out what they do.

As Wheely 6 is themed around a fairytale you will run into Kings, Queens, jesters and knights all of which will have a part to play throughout the levels. Can you manage to complete all the game without checking any of the walkthrough?

How To Play Wheely 6 Fairytale

  • Click Game Icons
    Click Game Icons