Water Scooter Mania

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Water Scooter Mania

Water Scooter Mania GAME INFO

Water Scooter Mania is a racing game that takes place on the water surface. The racing courses are designed for champion racers and you are one of them.

You will be competing with some of the best racers and on the extremely challenging tracks. You should be able to control your scooter very well and drive it at high speed to put up a good performance. The fantastic presentation of the game makes the game play even more exciting.

This water racing game is playable in two different modes – Single Player and Multiplayer. If you are a new player you might struggle to impress but do not give up.

How To Play Water Scooter Mania

  • To drive and balance your vehicle
    To drive and balance your vehicle
  • To apply brake
    To apply brake