Tower Defense Games


tower defense gamesTower Defense games need no introduction, they have been around now for years and have been responsible for some of the most successful and addicting games in the gaming scene. As far back as we can remember here at we were hooked from one of the original games which was called ‘Desktop Tower Defense’.

The general theme of tower defense games is that you will be trying to stop oncoming enemies which will be trying to attack a certain point. Usually you will start with easy enemies coming in small waves and you will have a selection of units which you can buy or build which you place on their path which stops them on their route. Taking out the enemies generally means you will earn in game currency which then allows you to buy new towers or upgrade the current defensive units you already have.

We have found that tower defense games usually hold a very good engagement time for their players which means it won’t be out of the ordinary for you to get hooked for hours on these or find yourself coming back on a daily basis.

Some of our stand out tower defense games which we think you should have a go at would be, Dekstop Tower Defense, Bloons Tower Defense 5 and Kingdom Rush.