Temple Run Online

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Temple Run Online

Temple Run Online GAME INFO

Temple Run Online unblocked is a free version of the smash hit game that took the mobile gaming scene by storm. Based in the ancient temples and pyramids you will find yourself trying to run through the narrow paths of the ruins swerving out of the way of obstacles, jumping over and sliding under gaps and trying to collect bonus items all while being chased by crazy monkeys!

The aim is to try and run for as long as you possibly can, collecting the coins you find on your path to earn a higher score for the end of each round, which you will then be able to use in the built in game temple run online store on upgrades for your character which should in theory make following rounds a little easier each time to help you run for longer and progress.

Keep a look out for special dropped items within each round such as boosts and shield immunity as going out of your way to pick those up will really help you reach your peak score per round and speed up the process.

Temple Run Online really did set the bar for never ending running games back when it first released, especially on the insanely growing mobile and table gaming platform which has seen it dominate the 'top charts' as we still enjoy and write about it today.

Since its release, there have been many games try to imitate it's success and over the years new versions of the game such as Temple Run Brave, Oz and Treasure Hunters which we would suggest you guys take a look at if you love this version first released.

To see a full breakdown and history of the game, head over to their Wikipedia page or if you are looking to actually download the app onto your iOS, Android or Windows phones/tablets you can do so by visiting the following links. iOS // Android.

How To Play Temple Run Online

  • Move Left
    Move Left
  • Move Right
    Move Right
  • Slide
  • Jump