TankWars.io GAME INFO

TankWars.io has to be one of our favorite .io games currently available today along with popular games such as Agar.io. The level of detail in this multiplayer tank fighting game is unbelievable.

You will be thrown into battle with other real players around the world as two teams battle it out to try and capture and hold different zones to earn points. The team that manages to reach 1000 points first is the winner before the game resets and it starts over again.

You will have the chance to choose from 3 TankWars.io tanks each of which have different special abilities and all of which have their strengths and weaknesses. You will be able to choose from a very well all rounded tank which is fairly good in all areas but is not the fastest or heaviest when it comes to giving out damage or taking damage, or you will be able to go down the slower moving route which packs a lot more of a punch when it comes to firing at enemies and withstanding enemy fire.

Try to move around with your team mates and capture points together as you don't want to get out numbered as it will make you an easy target for the enemies.

Each player will also have the ability to use different types of power ups which totally vary from extra shields, rapid fire, area stomps, dropping mines near zones, air strikes, magnets as well as much more.

Air drops will continuously be dropped via planes which is how you can find the different special power ups that you can use, you just need to drive over them to pick them up and then press the numbered key for which you want to use as will be shown at the bottom of your screen. Keep in mind there will also be a cool down period for each used. If you find your boosts panel all full you won't then be able to pick any other new abilities up however they can be stacked so having 3x rapid fire will come in handy when heading into to zone battles and clearing out the enemy tanks!

Your TankWars.io vehicle might also come under serious fire as you battle it out so keep an eye on your own health bar and if you are beginning to run low then look for the green spanner icons which you can pick up to replenish your health.

As well as random air drops for finding special abilities and health re generators, taking out any enemy tanks will also drop a numerous amount of abilities depending on what they had stored on themselves so it can be a super quick way to pick up and boost your arsenal.

As we mentioned TankWars.io is seriously one of the best games in terms of graphics, gameplay, detail and strategy all rolled into one so we're fairly sure your going to be locked in for hours and coming back for more!

How To Play TankWars.io

  • Shoot
  • Move Tank
    Move Tank
  • Move Tank
    Move Tank