Swords & Souls

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Swords & Souls

Swords & Souls GAME INFO

Swords & Souls is one of the most detailed and content filled free online fighting action game there is around right now. You will be able to create your very own warrior, name it whatever you like and choose how it looks before getting taken around the city and introduced to what you are about to embark on by a scarecrow.

The aim of the game is to train your warrior so that he is strong enough to fight numerous creatures and opponents in the battle arena which allows you to earn coins. With the coins you manage to earn, you will then be able to choose what you spend them on from upgrading your training gym so that your base stats grow stronger, to new weapons, special abilities and even a lovely home where your sword and souls warrior can rest easy!

The training has different mini games within it which you must try to master and complete which will allow you to grow either your attack, defense, dodging ability and chance of a critical attack.

Swords & Souls literally has hours and hours of gameplay so for the casual players there is a built in auto save which means that you can leave at any point and then as long as you come back to play the game at our site here at Free-Games.net your data will not be lost and you can carry on right where you left off.

How To Play Swords & Souls

  • Navigate Game Interface
    Navigate Game Interface
  • Shoot Arrows In Training
    Shoot Arrows In Training
  • Defend Training Attacks
    Defend Training Attacks