Super Soccer Noggins GAME INFO

Super Soccer Noggins is a fun updated football game in which you will get to choose your favorite nationality then go up head to head against different countries to find out who the real champion is!

The aim is to try and score more goals than your opponent within the allotted time each game has. The further you progress in games the more weird and wonderful the soccer noggins games will get. Moving grass, smaller soccer balls along with a lot more other power ups will randomly appear within the game for you or your opponent to try take advantage of.

If you manage to win your games you will be rewarded with a sum of money which you can then use or save up to buy your character in game boosts such as faster movement or higher powered kicks. On the flip side of this, losing any games will result in the game taking a small amount of money from your purse.

How To Play Super Soccer Noggins

  • Move & Jump
    Move & Jump
  • Kick Ball
    Kick Ball