Stunt Crazy 2 GAME INFO

Stunt Crazy 2 has finally landed and Podge Games has not let us down! Due to the popular release of the first installment you all wanted another and that's exactly what you got!

Take on the role of an up and coming stunt man and try to complete the missions set out in each stage each of which have different movie themes to them such as, Sci-Fi, Western, Fantasy and Horror!

The aim of each stage is to try and collect all the different colored reels that are placed around each stage surrounded with objects that will allow for some ridiculous stunts.

Each car you choose has the ability to change its suspension on either the front or back wheels which will change the way your car acts as it fires through the air. Your cars are alo equipped withe missles, rockets and special boost jumps to help you reach the tough spots where the reels might be hiding!

How To Play Stunt Crazy 2

  • Drive & Steer
    Drive & Steer
  • Fire Missles
    Fire Missles
  • Fire Rockets
    Fire Rockets
  • Use Crash Bomb
    Use Crash Bomb