It's not easy being a top end spy but Spy Jet will prove that as you take on the role of one who is money hungry and trying to chase down $1,000,000 to buy the latest gadget!

You will be trying to launch a rocket from the street through the city and collect as many money icons as you possibly can while travelling as far as you can to earn higher amounts of money.

Once you have launched your spy jet rocket it is up to you to try and manually guide it so that you don't hit any objects that will slow you down and try to land on the bounce with a perfect angle so that it will launch your further forward.

At the end of each launch depending how far you managed to go and the tricks such as in air rolls you will be rewarded a cash amount which you can then use to upgrade your latest spy tech so that any future runs should help you go further and earn more money.

How To Play Spy Jet

  • Steer Rocket
    Steer Rocket
  • Launch Rocket
    Launch Rocket