Rocket League Online

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Rocket League Online

Rocket League Online GAME INFO

Welcome to Soccar... this is basically rocket league online in a free to play version for you and and your friends or just to battle out against other players across the world.

The aim of the game is simple, you will be in control of a car and you need to try put the huge football into the back of the opponents net to score as many goals as you can or at least more than your opposition to win each round.

It sounds simple right? not so easy... your Soccar cars are equipped with a machine gun turret and the ability to jump and flip so all while trying to score goals, you will be in the heat of battle either trying to shoot your opposition or dodging enemy fire.

Soccar has some great physics built into the game and for a free online multiplayer game has great low latency servers, which is a credit to the developers over at Martian Games and game sponsors CrazyGames.

Once you load the game up, you will have an option to either play as a guest or create your very own account which will save your progress and stats for if you ever want to revisit the game at a later date which we would definitely recommend!

Once you hit the main lobby you will be shown different games that are either ready to start or currently running which will let you know the amount of other players already on that server so you can jump right into the action of loading the match up, picking your team (either the red or blue team) and then going to work at putting the ball in the back of the net.

At the start of the game look out for the ability to upgrade certain elements of your car such as your boost length, machine gun turret damage and more. We will say try to act quick on topping up your points on these as each game starts very quickly.

All in all, we're huge fans of Soccar which is as good as we think you will find trying to find a free online game that plays very similar to that of Rocket League.

If you like the game please be sure to leave a rating using the stars at the top right of the game, and let us know via our contact form if you have any issues with the game or any other general feedback.

How To Play Rocket League Online

  • Steer & Move Car
    Steer & Move Car
  • Shoot Weapon
    Shoot Weapon
  • Roll Car
    Roll Car
  • Jump
  • Toggle Ball Camera
    Toggle Ball Camera
  • Menu