Smash Palace GAME INFO

Smash Palace is a car destruction derby game and as of right now probably the best free online game of its kind due to how good the graphics and gameplay are. You will be given a car which you can compete in the derbies with which will have you racing around a circuit trying to smash and wreck all your opponents.

The winner is the car that manages to last to the very end without getting totally wrecked,throughout each stage you will come across either icons that drop which you can pick up such as health, money or nitro boosts or the actual track you are racing on will have special built in sections which you can drive over so keep an eye out for those.

At the end of every race you will earn money which you can use to spend on either upgrading your current car on things such as acceleration, top speed, armor and extra nitro boosts or if you manage to save enough up you can go ahead and buy new higher powered cars and begin upgrading those also.

How To Play Smash Palace

  • Drive
  • Powerup
  • Nitro