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io Admin 0 GAME INFO needs no introduction! developed and released in early 2016 by Steve Howse this game has taken the online and mobile gaming world by storm. Following the huge success of it was only a matter of time before someone continued the growth of .io games

You will be taking control of a snake / worm and moving around huge real time multiplayer lobbies trying to move over and eat / collect little colored pellets which in turn will increase your snakes size.

The aim is to try move around each lobby trying to grow as large as possible and there are 2 main ways of doing this; The first as mentioned above is to eat the pellets scattered across the map and the other is to try and get other players to run into your snakes trail which will then reset them back to the beginning sized snake and leave behind them depending on how large they were a trail of tasty pellets for you to eat and grow at a faster rate.

There is an element of skill as you will need to avoid other players while trying to wrap yourself or placing yourself into other players paths. The great thing about is that no matter how big or small you are, you will have the ability to take down the larger snakes in the lobby if you can time your attacks perfectly!

Your snake will move around the lobby at a steady pace automatically but you then have the ability to click and hold down your mouse button which will create a short burst of speed boost at the cost of burning some of your snakes size so make sure you try to use the speed boost sparingly and at the perfect time to take down other players. has now built up a huge cult following and online audience so you can easily find hundreds of awesome tips, videos and show off skills over on video sharing sites such as YouTube.

How To Play

  • Move Around
    Move Around
  • Speed Boost
    Speed Boost