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io Admin 0 GAME INFO is one of the latest releases in the .io games category in early 2017 which brings back all the memories of games such as 'draw something online' which were a huge hit in previous years. will put you into lobbies with real players from across the world and your job is to then either guess the word that others players are trying to draw (or skribble) as fast as you can within the time given to you. The player who manages to guess the word the fastest in the lobby will be awarded a higher amount of points.

When it becomes your turn to draw you will be given a choice of 3 words to choose from, once you have decided you will have different colours and paint brushes to use while you try your best to skribbl and get other players to guess your word. is played over 3 rounds and the player who has managed to gain the most amount of points across all 3 rounds will win the game before a fresh game starts over.

There is also built in functions for players to vote to kick other players who are either not active in the game or just generally cheating by writing out the words or just been silly in the chat box.

Put your drawing skills to the test and have fun with players from all over the world! Good luck Skribblers!

How To Play

  • Draw