SAS Zombie Assault Tower Defense GAME INFO

Ninja Kiwi have long been one of our favorite game developers and their zombie games are some of the best online to this day so its no surprise that SAS Zombie Assault Tower Defense is one of the best games of its genre.

You will be trying to hold back waves of oncoming zombies across different maps by building defensive turrets and hiring in special elite SAS troops and snipers. As you progress the waves will become harder to hold off but you will earn money for killing zombies which you can use on upgrading and buying new special items.

you will start out with 50 civilians that you will need to try and protect but if the zombies manage to breach your defense and kill them all then the game will be over and you will need to try it all again!

Along with normal in game money for buying defensive units you will also get special SAS money which can be used for the super powerful boosters which you can call in when things stat getting a bit rough in the later waves.

How To Play SAS Zombie Assault Tower Defense