SAS Zombie Assault 4

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SAS Zombie Assault 4

SAS Zombie Assault 4 GAME INFO

SAS zombie Assault 4 is arguably the best free online zombie game on the market right now in terms of gameplay, graphics and features but do you expect anything less from top game developers Ninja Kiwi?

Set on a spaceship in outer space one of the wings on your ship has become infected with deadly zombies who are trying to kill everything in their sight. Your job is to try and defend yourself and keep them at bay in the East wing and wait until you get the all clear signal to get out of there.

The further you progress throughout SAS zombie assault 4 the more EXP points and money you will earn which you can then spend on upgrades which will give you more powerful weapons and defense items.

How To Play SAS Zombie Assault 4

  • Aim
  • Shoot
  • Cycle Weapons
    Cycle Weapons
  • Move
  • Throw Grenade
    Throw Grenade
  • Deploy Turrets
    Deploy Turrets
  • Reload
  • Cryo Grenade
    Cryo Grenade