Run 3 Unblocked GAME INFO

Run 3 unblocked is a very basic game when it comes down to its graphics but that by no means hinders it at all. The fact this is Run 3 shows it is now on its third release and there is a reason for that! Over the years it has built up a huge cult following for how easy and addictive this game is.

In this object running game your task will be to run through the levels trying to keep your character on the path while going through various different objects. Completing each level will earn you in game coins which is then used as a currency for you to be able to go to the in game store and buy new characters you can use each of which have special abilities.

Use the arrow keys or WASD to move and run, and try to keep a close eye on the path right in front of you so that you can anticipate what your next move will need to be

Run 3 is currently the latest release in the super addictive series which was brought to us by a game developer known as 'Player03' (real name Joseph Cloutier) who is an American based indie game developer and now compromises of a staggering 200 levels across 22 tunnels.

Another large update to note that has now become available in Run 3 which its predecessors did not have is the ability to now customize your very own alien hero. Try to complete all the levels and then if you manage to snag those bragging rights test yourself with the ultimate infinite mode!

Thanks to Player03 for stealing hours of our lives away and we hope he has Run 4 on the horizon for us!

The other great news about Run 3 unblocked is that is also now available for your smartphones on the apple app store and Google play market, so if you need to get your fix while on the move make sure to head over and download it!

How To Play Run 3 Unblocked

  • Move & Jump
    Move & Jump