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Racetime.io GAME INFO

Racetime.io falls into the category of the io games category that are constantly gaining popularity with online games all over the world. This time you will be racing around race tracks while competing against other players around the world but there is a twist...

The races you take part in won't be against live players but against 'ghost' racers, so depending on the time other players set in previous attempts, you will be matched with a similar skilled player and then have to try and beat their lap time to progress up the leaderboards.

Every single day there is a new Racetime.io track for players to compete on so make sure you log on daily to check out the latest releases. The game also gives each player random gifts depending on how much time you spend playing which allows you to earn coins.

Coins are then spent in the in game shop where you will have the chance to try your luck on the random spin game which allows you to unlock brand new funky racetime.io racers!

If you manage to get a lap time that moves you into the 'pro league' specified race time you will also unlock new maps that only some of the most skilled players have access to and you can show your skills off against some of the best players in the world!

How To Play Racetime.io

  • Click and Release to Drive
    Click and Release to Drive