Pirates Kaboom GAME INFO

Pirates Kaboom is a new online shooting pirate themed game which will see yourself attempting to rule the seas while you sail across the ocean and fire at enemy waves who will be trying to stop you with both ships and air support!

You will have to manually aim and shoot as well as have weapons automatically firing in the air and sea at your enemies and attempt to get as long as you possibly can before your ships health reaches zero.

At the end of each run depending on how far you managed to get, the game will reward you with money which you can then spend on upgrades either to your manual gun, sea missiles, air missiles, extra ship health or extra supply drops.

As you move through the different ports there will be 3 ships that you can unlock, each getting stronger as you progress. Once you unlock a new ship you can automatically jump into that new one begin upgrading that one instead and check out the new features it will possess such as new cannons.

Try to reach the end in as little time as possible and destroy the mother pirate ship boss at the very end to take home the treasure!

How To Play Pirates Kaboom

  • Aim
  • Navigate Game Interface
    Navigate Game Interface