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PirateBattle.io GAME INFO

Argh me arties! PirateBattle.io has finally sailed into the gaming world which will see you thrown into the online multiplayer world as you battle against other players in real time as you sail the seas.

You will need to sail through the sea collecting gold treasure coins which are scattered throughout the level. As you collect treasure coins you will notice you will have the ability to upgrade your piratebattle.io ship with 4 things which are health, ship speed, armor and attack power. A little plus sign will show up in the bottom left corner next to each icon when you have enough to upgrade them and use number keys 1,2,3 or 4 to upgrade in any order you like what you prefer to suit your style. The ships will get fully upgraded once you reach level 8 for each upgrade.

As well as earning coins from just sailing the seas you will be able to engage in battle against other players by firing your ships cannon into other players, if you manage to destory the enemy ship they will drop a large loot of gold which you can then swoop in on to upgrade faster although make sure to be careful you don't pick on much larger boats as their ships will be a lot more powerful so picking your fights carefully is crucial!

Your PirateBattle.io ship also has the ability to boost speed for a short period of time which is great for either dodging enemy fire, chasing other boats or just rushing around the map. Using the space bar will drop a barrel from your boat and give you a short speed boost which will then take a few seconds to regenerate before you can use it again.

Another fun feature built into PirateBattle.io is that you will have the ability to customize your very own ship with things such as flags as your sails which you can set as your own country or wherever you like just so other players know where you've sailed the seas from!

How To Play PirateBattle.io

  • Steer Ship
    Steer Ship
  • Speed Boost
    Speed Boost