Penguin Diner 2 GAME INFO

Penny the penguin has returned! In Penguin Diner 2 she has decided to return to the city where she was previously successful and start her own chain of diners but needs your help running them!

Your job is to take on the role of Penny and cater for all her customers by seating them at suitable tables and then taking their orders, delivering their food, taking their payments and then cleaning up the tables after them so you are ready to keep the customers flowing!

Each level will have a target amount of money that you need to aim to earn for the diner. The further you get into the game the larger your diners will become and the more customers you will have to look after so it will get harder! With the money you earn from tips you will be able to head to the in game store catalog and upgrade the diner or Penny with new furniture or ice skates which will help Penny serve faster.

How To Play Penguin Diner 2

  • Click Game Icons
    Click Game Icons