Park A Lot 3 GAME INFO

Park A Lot 3 is the latest release in this parking game series from Funny Games. Built in HTML 5 now also which means the game controls and visual graphics look better than ever before.

You will be taking on the role as a parking attendant across various locations around the city such as fast food restaurants and banks.

Visitors will pull up to the parking lot and let you know what number bay you should park their cars into. Once they have finished inside the building they will then come outside and request their car which you have to rush to get back to them near the exit.

Try to work through every customer as fast as you can while not smashing the cars or parking them in the wrong slots to avoid any confusion when the customers want to leave!

How To Play Park A Lot 3

  • Drive & Steer
    Drive & Steer
  • Get In and Out of cars
    Get In and Out of cars