Papas Sushiria GAME INFO

Papas Sushiria comes out as the developers behind the series celebrates 10 years making these awesome addictive games! Following on from the hugely popular previous games in the series you will find yourself taking control of a store in this case a Sushi store!

You will need to run the shop from it's first day opening which entails taking each customers order and then heading into the back kitchen and carrying out preparing exactly what they asked for.

You will be given extra tip money depending on how fast you manage to prepare each ticket and how neatly each sushi roll looks so trying to find a balance between the two will be important for you gaining higher points.

The further the game progresses and the more days your store is open the more customers you will need to deal with and prepare sushi tickets for making things a little bit more hectic with each round.

How To Play Papas Sushiria

  • Click & Drag Around Interface
    Click & Drag Around Interface