Papas Pancakeria GAME INFO

Papa Louie has recently opened a brand new Pancakeria and you have been left in charge! The main objective of the game is to open the store and take orders from all the different customers who walk through the doors and then head into the kitchen at the back and try to fulfill each order exactly as they want their pancakes as fast as you possibly can!

The reason you have to try and complete orders exactly as they are asked for and as fast as you can is because at the end of every order completed you will be left tips which determines your overall score in the game and how much money you ultimately earn which you can then use to spend on yourself!

Each level is classed as a day, so for each day a certain number of customers will come through the store doors, initially it will start off fairly easy as you only have a few customers to deal with so taking a little extra time getting to know how the game works and where all the ingredients are in the kitchen can help pay off in the later levels or days when you will start to become swamped with customers to keep happy!

How To Play Papas Pancakeria

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    Navigate User Interface