Moto X3M takes speed racing to a whole new level, giving you 22 challenging levels to race through as quickly as possible as you look to score 3 stars which are based on how quickly you reach the finishing line.

Select your bike, grab your helmet and get ready to hit the throttle as you look to take on the obstacles along the way including TNT, falling platforms and challenging twists and turns throughout the course.

For those that are looking to charge through the levels as quickly as possible, you will have to spare a moment to think about what is coming ahead of you as hitting the obstacles or landing your jump incorrectly will mean that your new bike will blow up and you will have to restart from the latest checkpoint you reach.

A simple to play but challenging game, Moto X3M is a fantastic addition to the moto racing genre and has proven to be popular within the free gaming world so if you haven’t have the pleasure of playing it yet, you are truly missing out.

This is a fantastic gaming title from a series of games of the same name, so if you manage to master this one, why not try Moto X3M 3?

How To Play Moto X3M

  • Accelerate
  • Brake
  • Tilt Back
    Tilt Back
  • Tilt Forward
    Tilt Forward