Mighty Knight 2 GAME INFO

Mighty Knight 2 is an awesome online action game that is also a two player game and the second release in this addictive game series.

Your kingdom has been invaded by various different creatures and monsters and you as the player have been given the task to help save the world by taking them on in fighting combat!

As you progress through each level of Mighty Knight 2 you will come across waves of enemies who are all baying for your blood, your job is to take them all down using you sword and skill attacks once you unlock them.

At the end of each level you will be taken to the in game interface where you will be able to upgrade and build up your army so that you can efficiently take on what lies ahead in future battles. Upgrade your characters, weapons and recruit new fellow warriors either playing by yourself or with a friend in real life sat right next to you!

How To Play Mighty Knight 2

  • Navigate Game Interface
    Navigate Game Interface
  • Move
  • Attack
  • First Skill
    First Skill
  • Second Skill
    Second Skill
  • Switch Characters
    Switch Characters