Mad Day 2 has finally arrived! Eagerly anticipated due to the success of the first game packed with tons of more features for you to get stuck in to!

You will be trying to drive across levels that are littered with monsters and all types of enemy creatures which you either need to blast out of the way using your weapons or jump over them all while trying not to take any damage.

Collecting coins which are scattered throughout the levels will allow you to use the in game upgrade store on upgrading your car and its weapons which should make your future runs easier so that you will be able to travel further and continue earning more coins.

There are a few mini games also that have now been implemented very well which act as side games which you can do to not only pass time and beat boredom but winning on them will actually benefit your Mad Day 2 playing experience.

How To Play Mad Day 2

  • Jump & Double Jump
    Jump & Double Jump
  • Shoot Weapon
    Shoot Weapon