Krunker io Unblocked

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Krunker io Unblocked

Krunker io Unblocked GAME INFO

Krunker io unblocked is an awesome free online first person shooter game from Sidney De Vries who is based in Australia and is well known for some other popular games he created such as and

Krunker has a very CSGO mixed with Minecraft feel to it, in terms of the gameplay and graphics. You will choose the lobby you would like to enter and then depending on the game mode you have chosen from modes such as free for all and team deathmatch your aim is to try and take out all the enemies.

For a free online browser game the actual gun and bullet physics are very accurate and there are numerous built in features in the settings that you can fine tune to your individual style.

There are a variety of weapons for you to use from assault rifles, pistols, sub machine guns, snipers and more. This allows you to play the style you prefer although in its early development it has been stated by a few community members that the sniper rifles themselves are a little over powered.

Krunker io unblocked initially released in open BETA back on the 20th May 2018 and launched its first stable 1.0 release on the 29th January 2019.

The popularity of the game has been increasing at a great pace, and only recently has it seen another huge lift as a lot of the Fortnite community have been seen playing Krunker on their streams as they wait in ques for their competitive match making games to start, almost using it to keep their aim warmed up.

We always like to look to the future of any new free online game that gets released and gains huge popularity and we believe the longevity of Krunker io unblocked is going to do very well. Not only have there been consistent updates from the games developer, but there are other features such as community built maps that are also built in and a huge number of game modes which should keep the game fresh.

Not only does it have features as we previously mentioned, but we know how much of a sucker gamers such as us are for ingame skins... and yes you will find them here at Krunker. You build up points which you can then use in the random spinner game and depending on the color you land on, will then determine what item you receive and unlock.

All in all, here at we love Krunker io unblocked and the game developer Sidney De Vries is fast becoming one of our top developers in the scene today and for that we give a huge thumbs up and wish all the success to the future.

How To Play Krunker io Unblocked

  • Move
  • Shoot
  • Reload
  • Jump
  • Spray Paint
    Spray Paint