Hovercraft Race

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Hovercraft Race

Hovercraft Race GAME INFO

Hovercraft Race is a fun new racing game made with Unity. It is a 2D top down game which brings back memories of games like Micromachines with awesome graphics and smooth game controls.

You will find yourself racing against 3 other computer controlled opponents across 16 action packed levels in an attempt to take first position across 4 laps.

As well as the 16 tracks as you progress you will have the ability to unlock and race with 5 different types of hovercraft vehicles all of which are unlocked depending on how many levels you manage to complete in pole position.

Use the arrow keys to drive and steer the hovercraft and the space bar to brake for those tight bends and corners!

How To Play Hovercraft Race

  • Drive & Steer
    Drive & Steer
  • Brake