Happy Wheels GAME INFO

Happy Wheels Online is the smash hit free PC demo version of the game that is unblocked and available to all. The creator Jim Bonacci has created something very unique with this game and it's popularity through the years has shown just how much the community loves this game.

Primarily a physics based game, you will be able to take control of a ragdoll type character and attempt to reach the end of each utter crazy level which is littered with random objects that try to throw you off what ever vehicle you might be riding on if any and rip limbs from your body causing blood and gore.

Happy Wheels now also has a built in level editor which has been key to its long term success as it allows the community to create their own crazy levels which they can then upload to the server and allow players from all over the world to attempt and have fun with, which means the game is constantly having new level or content added to it frequently.

Happy Wheels online is now also available on your smart phones to download via the app store after many requests in which it has also seen a huge success on in terms of downloads and game plays.

How To Play Happy Wheels

  • Forward, Reverse & Lean
    Forward, Reverse & Lean
  • Main Action
    Main Action
  • Eject