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io Admin 0 GAME INFO is a super addictive brand new .io game which pixel boxhead type graphics which throws you into lobbies with real players from across the globe. You will be fighting in one of two teams either the terrorist or the counter terrorists in a battle to first reach 25 kills.

You will be able to move across the map hiding behind cover and ducking meaning that you are safe from being shot. The aim is to work with your team as effectively as possible while trying to minimize your teams deaths

To fire you will need to aim in with the right mouse button which gives you a limited but zoomed in scope such as a sniper rifle then with the left mouse button you can fire when you believe your ready to take down the enemy. However, beware that once you scope in to aim your player will need to stand up so if you were crouched behind cover before when aiming you will now become a a fairly easy target for the other team to take you out so look to work with players on your own team to help cover fire each other.

You will find special items in certain levels such as rockets which you can pick up and use to deal out huge damage so keep your eyes peeled to help sway a battle in your teams favor!

How To Play

  • Move / Climb / Crouch
    Move / Climb / Crouch
  • Move / Climb / Crouch
    Move / Climb / Crouch
  • Aim / Zoom In
    Aim / Zoom In
  • Shoot