Gods Of The Arena

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Gods Of The Arena

Gods Of The Arena GAME INFO

In Gods of The Arena you will be taking on the role of a brave gladiator named Cassius. Your cities emperor has recently passed away and left his son with debt which meant the debtors have come in and taken all your cities jewels!

It is now up to you to play as Cassius and prove to your new leader that you are the brave gladiator that should help put your city back on the map and be crowned the most fierce fighter in the land.

Win duels in the gladiators arena and earn coins which will allow you to spend them in the in-game store buying new inventory such as weapons and defensive attire which will help you for tougher later opponents and bosses.

You may also find fellow warriors that can help you in the fights at the slave market where you will be shown an option of 3 different fighters to choose from each of which have different stats however, be careful when picking your fellow fighters as the traders always try to present weaklings as first class fighters!

How To Play Gods Of The Arena

  • Use Game Interface
    Use Game Interface