Galaxy Siege 3

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Galaxy Siege 3

Galaxy Siege 3 GAME INFO

Galaxy Siege 3 is the third release in this awesome free online series which is set in outer space! Your task will be to first build your very own spaceship that is ready to not only battle enemy space creatures but also collect and gather space diamonds as well as trying to balance your fuel levels!

Your Galaxy Siege 3 spaceship will be made up of blocks which you can place exactly how you want them depending on how you think it is best to go out and gather the diamonds as well as defend and shoot at enemy creatures.

With the diamonds that you do manage to collect, once your fuel runs out on each run you will be able to evacuate your ship and come back to base to upgrade it where you think it needs it whether that be moving certain blocks around or buying new blocks if you need more fire power, more diamond carrying ability or even more fuel.

Each level also has a boss which you must try to take down before progressing and moving onto the next stage. Do you think you have what it takes to build a complete spaceship and take over space?! Lets find out... good luck!

How To Play Galaxy Siege 3

  • Navigate Game Interface
    Navigate Game Interface