Franky Valet Parking

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Franky Valet Parking

Franky Valet Parking GAME INFO

Test your car parking skills in Franky Valet Parking across 16 fun filled levels which will see you taking on the role a a valet assistant named Franky who's job it is to move the customers car to the exact parking space shown.

There is no time limit on Franky Valet Parking levels however this time each level you will start with 5 stars and any time you bump or crash any of the customers cars you will be deducted a star so try to take your time between each level especially in the latter levels as those get quite tricky!

Some levels you will need to only park one car however others you will need to park two or more and be aware of barriers as those automatically move up and down depending on how close you are to them.

As a bonus within each level you will notice that there is a hidden green jigsaw puzzle piece within it, try to drive over the jigsaw piece puzzle before parking to earn the extra bonus and complete the full jigsaw if you manage to find it across all 16 levels.

How To Play Franky Valet Parking

  • Drive & Steer
    Drive & Steer