Flappy Bird Online

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Flappy Bird Online

Flappy Bird Online GAME INFO

Flappy Bird Online is the free online flash version of the mobile game that we all loved to hate that first came into our lives back in 2013.

The original smartphone app game was created by Vietnam based game developer Don Nguyen and was published by his small independent gaming studio called .GEARS

The game was created in just a few days and sky rocketed up the app store free game charts for reasons not many of us can know why other than its brutal difficulty and addictivness.

The aim of the game is to try and fly your little flapping bird through the Mario style tunnels that lie across each level by tapping your mouse or keyboard and making sure that you don't hit any of the tunnels or other obstacles while you go.

You earn 1 point for every tunnel that you successfully manage to fly through so your job is to try and get through as many tunnels as you possibly can to earn the highest score possible which you can then try to beat or even share with friends on social media sites such as Twitter.

How To Play Flappy Bird Online

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