Fidget Spinner Master

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Fidget Spinner Master

Fidget Spinner Master GAME INFO

Fidget Spinner Master is a fabulous game that you will love to play and replay. Just as the title of the game suggests, you are going to be playing with a Fidget Spinner a product that has become so popular.

Both kids and adults like to play with Fidget Spinners but not everybody can be a master. Let us see if you have the skills to be the Fidget Spinner Master. Pick your Fidget Spinner and start spinning it like a pro.

You will be earning points for your performance and you can use those points to buy for yourself new Fidget Spinners available at the shop. Have fun!

How To Play Fidget Spinner Master

  • Use the mouse to spin the fidget spinner.
    Use the mouse to spin the fidget spinner.