Driving Force 3

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Driving Force 3

Driving Force 3 GAME INFO

Driving Force 3 has finally been released and there is a reason fans cried out for the third installment in this action packed game!

You will be undergoing missions as a police officer taking down terrorists who will be trying to escape and blast you away in vehicles such as heavily armored helicopters!

You won't just be chasing the enemies down in regular police cars you will be equipped with weapons yourselves, so your job is to rush through the traffic down the highways avoiding any civilians using the cars nitro before taking down the terrorists and avoiding being hit when they fire back at you!

Driving Force 3 has plenty of action filled missions for you to complete and the further you progress the more weapons and abilities you will be able to unlock as you take down increasingly stronger criminal gangs! Good luck out there officer!

How To Play Driving Force 3

  • Drive & Steer
    Drive & Steer
  • Shoot
  • Reload