Dead Paradise 4

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Dead Paradise 4

Dead Paradise 4 GAME INFO

Despite having paradise in it's name Dead Paradise 4 is far from it! The world is at risk of total disaster after an underground lab is littered with enemy creatures.

Your job is to drive your car through the lab taking out anything and everything that tries to stand in your way either by running over them, shooting them with your weapon or firing rockets and find the time machine that can help save humanity!

As you progress through the Dead Paradise 4 levels you will have the ability to earn coins which you can then spend in the upgrade store at the end of each level either buying new armored cars or upgrading your current vehicle. Good luck... you're going to need it!

How To Play Dead Paradise 4

  • Forward
  • Backwards
  • Turn Gun Left
    Turn Gun Left
  • Turn Gun Right
    Turn Gun Right