Cursed Treasure 2 GAME INFO

Cursed Treasure 2 is potentially one of the best free online tower defense games available on the internet today and packs hours of fun features that will keep you entertained developed by one of our favorite gaming studios IriySoft.

You will be working through different missions using 3 main factions in an attempt to try save your beloved gems from getting stolen from oncoming waves of enemy creatures and monsters.

Each faction has their own skill set and as you progress you will earn XP points which you can use in the upgrade store increasing your defensive units power whether it be starting with more resources from the outset or having stronger towers while defending in each mission. You will have full control of these so you can set them up how you like to play with your cursed treasure factions.

Depending on the color of the space where you can build within each mission will determine what types of towers you can build in that spot and look out for blocks mounted onto higher land as they give slight boosts to which towers you place there and you can also place any unit of the 3 factions onto them.

If you are ever stuck on any of the levels then check the full game walkthrough video below and try grab some tips on how you can continue progressing and fully complete the game! Cursed Treasure 2 is also now available for your smartphone devices so you can head over to your app store and grab it if you want to play it on the go!

How To Play Cursed Treasure 2

  • Click Game Interface
    Click Game Interface