Color Switch Online GAME INFO

Color Switch is the free online version of the super addictive mobile game that has had the gaming community pulling their hair out ever since flappy bird! The aim of the game is simple, however trying to carry it all out is far from it!

You will be trying to get a little coloured ball as high as you can through various different shapes depending on how fast you click your mouse however.... there is a catch!

Your ball will be a certain color and you will only be able to pass through each shape by going through the co ordinated color path, so for example if you have a purple ball you will only be able to go through the shape via the purple side of the shape you are trying to move past.

Your ball will then change color as you move through the shapes meaning you need to keep an eye on what color it turns next before trying to move through the next shape.

As mentioned before Color Switch us available for your smart phones via various app stores so if you want to play on the go, then we suggest heading over and downloading it!

How To Play Color Switch Online

  • Click to Jump
    Click to Jump