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Bruh io

Bruh io GAME INFO is a new genre of game that we believe will set the free online browser game alight purely because its the first of its kind in the 'Battle Royale' style.

Taking inspiration from the huge success of Player Unknowns Battlegrounds, the Dev team over at BitFox games have created something very special here.

You will playing in real time with real players across the glob as you are thrown into a random area within the map. Your job is to then scour the city to find better weapons and loot which you can then use to eliminate other players with.

The map starts as normal however, a deadly swarm of gas is constantly taking over the city which will take your health if you are to stand in for long enough. This causes the players to constantly be checking the map and move into safe areas which makes 'camping' pretty much non existent and forces fast paced gameplay.

The end goal is to be the last man standing in the game and be crowned the winner, racking up as many kills on your way although is fun, is not actually the end goal as this is a last man standing game, so winning with just 1 or even 0 kills (enemy dies to gas) is not out of the question.

Battle Royale games such as this are more about your strategy in positioning and whether or not to take certain fights for you to become successful with them so think twice before you pull the trigger.

Your health in does not automatically regenerate so if you fall low after fighting another player you will need to try find medical kits scattered across the map and pick those up to boost your health, this is another reason why just fighting everyone you see is not ideal.

The game currently has built in Skins, Leaderboard and chat box, one of our personal favorites is the 'Doc' skin which is taken from the popular Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect... the two time... who is regularly seen slaying punk kids on PUBG. Depending on how successful becomes we hope to see BitFox be able to constantly add new content in skins, maps etc we really do feel this genre has got legs in it to expand.

How To Play Bruh io

  • Move
  • Aim
  • Shoot
  • Pick Up Weapons / Med Kits
    Pick Up Weapons / Med Kits