GAME INFO is a fun new multiplayer game from Paco Games which will see you testing your fighting skills against players all over the world! You will be able to choose lobbies with friends or random players and battle it out to find out who the greatest brawler is!

Initially you will need to complete the in game tutorial before you can head into the multiplayer realm which will quickly run you through the basics of the fighting engine and the controls. Once you have completed the tutorial you will head into your character selection.

There are various characters to choose from each of which have better abilities than others so try to choose the fighter that resembles your best strengths and play to those. Once you find a lobby and begin fighting you will then be able to rank up your character which will increase his or her stats.

Punch, block, kick and even use weapons if you manage to find them and take out any rival player that tries to stand in your way!

How To Play

  • Move
  • Attack
  • Block
  • Jump
  • Pick Up Weapon
    Pick Up Weapon
  • Drop Weapon
    Drop Weapon
  • Taunt