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io Admin 0 GAME INFO is one of the newest .io games that is currently gaining popularity in the online gaming scene. Similar to other games in the genre this is a multiplayer game however this time accommodating up to only 8 players and the idea is simple... try to boink (push) your opponents off the map and be the last ball standing!

Each map or level is different so using the objects will be key to your success all while trying to smash into other players. also allows some cool customization abilities from the little ball you use as your character all the way to creating your very own levels that millions of players all over the world will be able to compete on.

As well as the standard movement, you have the ability to press and hold the X key which will momentarily make your boink ball heavier which means it is a lot harder for other players to ping you around the map, but also a lot harder for you to maneuver yourself so make sure you use this sparingly and at the perfect time.

There are now plenty of videos for tips and general show off skills across YouTube so if you're looking to get better at or fancy some laughs head over there and brush up on your game!

How To Play

  • Move
  • Make Ball Heavier
    Make Ball Heavier