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Week 6 Free Battle Tier Star Location Revealed

Well if you have managed to complete your challenges this week you will be wanting to know where the free battle tier star is for completing week 6 and guess what?

You are in luck, we can take you straight to it!

This week you will be able to get your hands on your free battle tier at Greasy Grove, close to where you find the star icon for the treasure map hunt, however this time you need to be inside of the Greasy Grove town to get your hands on it.

The clue for the location came from the the image above, which is unlocked once you have completed the challenges, giving you a subtle idea as to where you should be looking for find the new tier challenge location.

While the image may seem to be fairly generic, the inclusion of the fast food van gave this one away and you’ll be able to find it located in the corner of Greasy Grove and it even has the red paint colour and oversized knife and fork on top!


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