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optic courage reveals under map cheater

Shopping Carts Disabled As Under Map Hacks Become A Problem

So there have been a number of Fortnite players that have been crying out for Epic Games to do something about it, but finally they are listening to the community after the number of complaints because to spiral about under map cheats flooding the game.

The issue became a think with the release of shopping carts being added into the game as players looked to exploit a flaw within the mapping that allowed them to crash their carts into walls and mountains to gain access to the underside of the map, which gave them god-like ability to survive.

Hidden under the map, players are able to see what is happening above them and have full capability to be able to shoot, kill and loot unsuspecting players above them, all from the safety of being under the map and safe from bullets.

While bullets failed to hurt the cheaters, it was reported that traps placed on the floor were somehow causing reverse damage as long as they were placed flat onto the ground but most of the cheaters that opt to push under the map die to the storm.

Whether Epic Games will be able to fix the issue is still to be seen, however at the moment you are going to find that shopping carts are no longer a faster way to get into the storm so you better grab those meds and make a dash for it!

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