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new leaked fortnite skins

New Upcoming Fortnite Skins Leaked

Fortnite have made a name for themselves with their ability to keep content fresh and interesting for their players and once again we have been able to find out the upcoming skins that are coming to the game, way before they release!

While many have said that the recycle of skins has left them underwhelmed with the store in recent weeks, the incoming skins certainly look like they about to change that as we can only describe them as being epic.

Take a look at the upcoming skins that have been datamined by TwoEpicBuddies.

Alongside the new skins that have been leaked, we have also been made aware that there are a host of Fortnite World Cup focused skins and items coming to the game too, with a relevance to the FIFA World Cup on point with the NBA style that we saw in the past week.

The inclusion of football related Fortnite skins will come alongside a host of new emotes, back bling and harvesting tools and we can show you those too:

fortnite new leaked emotes

new leaked back bling fortnite

But wait, we said that there were Fortnite World Cup skins coming too, where are they you ask?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you…

fortnite world cup football skins

Oh yeah, and looking at the game files it seems that the footballer skins are open to your own customisation so you can make it match your home nation.

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