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Leaked Gas Grenade Coming to Fortnite Next Week

We already know that in today’s patch on Fortnite we have had a new thermal scoped AR weapon added into the game and what a beast it is, but while that is already here, we thought that we would jump the gun a little and let you know what to expect next week.

According to files that are within the game, we are awaiting a gas grenade being added into the game, meaning that when those enemies are hiding away in a corner, you can now give them reason to come out…

We believe that the grenade will have a progressive damage, meaning that the longer that you are in an area where it has gone off, the more damage your enemy will take so these are certainly going to be interesting to see in action.

Load up, spot your open roof or window and get this little stinker in there before you push!

Once again, hat tip to TwoEpicBuddies.

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