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FIFA 18 vs FIFA 19 Graphics

EA Sports Reveal FIFA 19 Trailer

FIFA 18 has been somewhat of a flagship title for developers EA Sports over the past year and although the game has had its moments in which it has been called out for delivering a sub standard player experience every since it was patched after the first week of being released.

While many big players of the sports title have stated that they would not be looking to play the game when it is released later this year, it seems that the release of the FIFA 19 trailer has a number of those that have said they are done with the game are taking back their comments and now looking forward to it.

FIFA 19 Trailer – Champions League

Eagle-eyed FIFA fans have managed to capture a number of comparisons between the latest release of FIFA and the upcoming FIFA 19 title and the differences in visuals is a world apart, as you can see from these images.

So with the cinematic clearly taking a step forward, do you think that the gameplay will follow suit and give you enough reason to play it?

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